Discover NeoFlex® Panther technology

High performance, flexibility,
moldability, and the lightest on the market

Combining research and development with thestrictest standard of quality process and pioneer patents in the ballistic protection market: this is the NeoFlex® Panther concept.We strive for excellence above all known standards, going beyond the minimum required to be the best and the safest choice.

Established in the largest market in the world, NeoFlex® technology derives from BCA research developed in Brazil, based on the German experience of ballistic protection. The result is ballistic panels with resistance, quality, and flexibility well above the standards known.

NeoFlex® Panther ballistic panels achieve superior results with a lower number of layers, enabling up to 20% lighter shielding, ensuring performance and meeting national and international safety standards.

Better ballistic performance, agility in the application, generating savings for the armoring company,
in addition to preserving the original ballistic characteristics of the product even applied in very complex curves, without delaminating your product. Delamination means the detachment between layers of the mat, an error that appears when the mat is folded during application and impairs the material performance, in addition to compromising its durability.

A more flexible product may be an option, but a non-delaminating product is a crucial requirement for ensuring the ballistic protection property of your armor. NeoFlex® Panther is developed with the same growing need of the high luxury armored market to offer increasingly lighter products that do not hinder the performance of your vehicles.

NeoFlex® Panther technology is the state of the art in ballistic protection, with different visual characteristics that make NeoFlex® panels unique in the market. Contact our representatives.



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© Direitos Reservados 2017 BCA BALLISTIC PROTECTION